Compression Quality Question

Hi. I have been using DVDdecrypter, AnyDVD and Shrink to backup movies. Shrink is really all I need when it comes to shrinking from DL to fit SL, but I’m wondering if there is anything that would give me better picture quality at 60-70% rate. Time is not important.
Thank you in advance.
P.S. I check marked the quality tune-ups in Shrink.

Dvd shrink is a transcoder. You might want to try and encoder. If done correctly an encoder will almost always give you better picture quality results on high compression movies than a transcoder. You might want to try Dvd Rebuilder along with its supported encoders. Two free ones are quenc, or hc encoder. Basically rebuilder is a face for the encoder that makes it easier and more simple to deal with. You can download a free version of dvd rebuilder and check it out. Its important to note that even though it will give you better picture quality it will also take a very long time to encode a movie. Whereas shrink may only take an hour from start to finish depending on computer speed, settings, and lenth of movie. Dvd Rebuilder will more than likely take at least 4 hours for the same movie.

Either way if you want the highest quality with compression possible an encoder is the way to go.

Good Luck

Cool. Thanks!
I understand Shrink transcodes to Mpeg1. So what you’re saying an encoder makes it Mpeg2 only more compressed. Is dvd rebuilder the easiest to use and does it make menues?

No. Shrink doesn’t change the format. It compresses, by taking a percentage off to make it fit quickly. An encoder takes the DVD apart and reassembles it bit by bit at a reduction to make it fit on a single layer DVD. A encoder is higher quality and slower than transcoding as a result.

Thanks for clarification. Would you also recommend Rebuilder or there is something easier to use?

p.s. Compressed disks show mpgv codec in VLC and I’m sure I saw Mpeg1, probably when I used an ATI dvd player.

It can’t change MPEG 2 to MPEG 1.

Encoders cannot be used on their own. DVD RFebuilder is juts a GUI/Front end. Try the free version 0.97 which has less features first.

When I get smth good to backup I’ll give it a try.

Though I love AnyDVD/CloneDVD and use it for 98% of my burns, I highly recommend DVDRebuilder for longer movies. Get the entire installation package here:
It includes everything you need; Avisynth, HCenc, Quenc etc. It will take approx. 4 hrs to process, but it works great. I recommend using HCenc for the processing. It is fairly simple, just process and then burn with your favorite burning software (I just use CloneDVD). If you like it. get the DVDRB Pro. Get guides on or

Yes I use dvdbuilder on most dvds and it takes a while but it makes great copies.

So guys, you use Rebuilder first to recompress and u get an original DVD’s structure only smaller (iso or folders) and then u use cloneDVD to get rid of trailers and warnings, right?
Does CloneDVD keep the menu, or can u make a new menu with it?

Using rebuilder eliminates the need to use clone dvd as a compression or cutting program. Ricoman uses it as a burning utility (as it appears from his post). Rebuilder has a movie only mode that will take away the annoying stuff. I am not sure about the basic free version of rebuilder but the pro version allows you to keep and process the menues as well as the movie. And the pro version has a built in cutting utility that will allow you to make small edits to the movie (such as taking off the credits at the end).