Compression Programes



Besides WinZip and WinRar,what other compression programes are out there and which has the best compression.




There’s WinACE, as well, that’s all I know of for “typical” file compression.

If you want to compress more specific things (like DCT’d and Quantized pictures, for example), then there are others, like Run Length Limiting, etc.


Stuffit is another but I’m not sure if there is a version for the PC around at all I know it works for the Mac.


Good old PKZip. :slight_smile:


UHARC, great compression and real hard to use…


there is also LHarc, and pkzipjr.


depends on the type of data…


TinyProg , Zoo , UC , Arj
Tar , Gzip
Drag and Zip , PackIt Up , Stuffit
HTML compressors


strangely some game cd’s i’ve noticed use wierd extensions for compressed files ,usually theese are the largest files on the disk (containing a wealth of mp3’s,wav’s,flash and images) WinRAR opens em ala the right click ,i just wish i knew what proggie was used to create the file ,they seem to be extremely compressed


Thanks for all the responses.

Is was looking to compress large movies and apps from say 600-700mb down too as little as possible.I’ve seen programes that where 550mb compressed down to 200-250mb and was wondering what they used to compress these files.

Anyway thanks for the help.



Try MS Cabinet! it took ages to compress but compress better than Winrar 3 or WinACE.

makecab.exe availabe on win XP, others may download from:

or for newer version download IEAK

makecab is quirky to use but free. for daily archival try: (shareware)

to compress the entire windows directory i use winrar 2.71 instead, from c.a 300 MB to c.a. 125MB in 40 minutes compression.