Compression problems

I am using 1click dvd copy to backup movies. Shorter movies work fine, but when it has to compress them, they freeze up about 15 minutes or so from the end. It completes the writing process with no errors or anything. The video/audio is perfect and then all of a sudden it freezes. It does it every time in the same exact spot, on any player. It does it on any compressed movie. I have had the same exact problem with dvd shrink. Any ideas? I am using Sony dvd+r discs, with a gateway laptop. The burner is model number HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GCA-4080N. I am also using dvd43 to decrypt.

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Most of times these problems are due to a bad burned disc. What brand of media are you using? Can you post also mediacode? Mediacode can be found with cd-dvd speed in the “disc info” tab :slight_smile:

I am using Sony dvd+r discs. I’ll work on the code thing you talked about. I’m kind of new at this. I had no idea how much is involved in copying a dvd.

I ran into the same problem some time ago. The problem was bad disks. They were ritecs & I salvaged a lot of disks by not burning too close to the edge. I used 4300mb if I remember correctly. I think the problem a lot of times is the wobble toward the outer edge of the disk. The best solution is to buy verbatim or tayo yuden. Hope this helps.

Excellent advice.
For blank media, hard to go wrong with Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim.
Also agree that you are probably trying to burn too close to the edge. As you approach the outer portion of the disc, wobble increases, speed increases, the laser has a more difficult time trying to focus, yada, yada…
This happens with all media, but much more with marginal or crappy media.
4300 MB is a nice safe size…you can push a bit more with quality media, but might not be worth it. I burn out to 4470 MB with TYs and verbs…no problems.

I also agree with above advise on using brand name media disc (Fuji, Sony) and Verbatim.