Compression of WAV files

Can WAV files be compressed as WAV files, not converted into MP3 etc, and then burned as an audio CD in this compressed form?

Wave is non-compressed. You can re-sample at a lower rate, but then it’s not CD compliant.

Thanks for reply. Why is it not CD compliant? Is this due to the poor audio quality.
I just want to get 50-80 audio tracks on a CDR to play in the car. My car CD player only seems to play some MP3 encoded files. It will of course play wav files. If my idea of compressing wav files will not work is there anything else I can do to get muliple audio files on one CDR.

Audio CD’s have to be 44KHz 16 bit. Your only real option is MP3.

Covert to FLAC file format. There is a plug in allowing Nero to burn FLAC to adui CD. FLAC wil be about 1/2 size