Compression of Iso files

Q here: Is there an easy way to compress my 4.36 DVD Rips to a smaller size for storage and then expand them back to original size and file easily? Thanks!

Having enough CPU power you can try 7zip (find it on google).

My bros was able to compress a mpeg file at about 50% of its original dimensions, using a pentium4, in about 30 min. On my little athlon xp2200+ I need of some hours to make this compression, but only a couple of minuts to decompress files (compression is more CPU consuming because of the higher numbers of calculations than decompression).

Give it a try and refer results on the forum

Basically just try the main compression softwares set to the highest settings.
WinZip, WinAce, WinRAR are all good. This WILL take some time though.

You could consider RatDVD if you are willing to suffer a small softening quality hit. Generally you will get compression down to 1.5Gb in size while retaining all menus and features of the original disc. The caveat is the amount of time it takes for compression/decompression.


MPEG is a compressed format already, any sort of compression from WinZip/WinRAR/7-Zip/whatever wouldn’t be worth the time it would take to access the file for the small bit of filesize you would save.

I know that, but my bros was really able to compress a mpeg file about at 50% vith 7zip. I don’t know what parameters he used, but he made it

Ask your borther then, if possible, as he can tell you what setting he used.

I’ll ask him soon

I’m gonna just call B.S. there, kthx. I haven’t tried 7zip but I really doubt it could be that good at compressing something that was already compressed.

please post parameter on this thread if possible i would like to see them :smiley:

I’m sorry, but my bros says that not remember what parameters used to make a so high compression.

I downloaded latest version of 7zip in the afternoon and made some attempts, but don’t have enough CPU power to complete work. I tried to use the most compression possible, but my computer locks with CPU 100% and over 1,6 GB memory used (according task manager).

I was forced to close application with task manager to be able to use my computer again.

I tried to compress a 160 MB mpeg file at maximum possible, and after 1 hour
I obtained a 66 MB temporary file; 7zip says that work in progress was 46% when I closed application with task manager. This is not a so high compression.

However I know that a such high compresson is possible because I’ve seen these compressed files, and I know that decompression require only a couple of minutes. My bros said that it was necessary about an hour to him to compress a file with a pentium 4 and 2 GB of memory, but not remember other because he don’t use anymore 7zip. I know that is difficult to trust that an already compresse file can be squeezed so many, but I repeat that I’ve seen these files.

I’m very sorry to not be able to give more informations. Too bad I deleted these files and don’t have anymore :sad:

I’ll ask to my bros if he has these files somewhere to make other experimentations

Sorry :o :o :o