Compression of dvd files for dvd compilations

I’m just wondering if there is a way of taking a dvd VIDEO_TS folder and compressing it to read as the video on a compilation dvd without having to burn it to disc first.
Up til now I’ve had an old dvd player i bought cheaply around the turn of the decade playing dvds into a dvd recorder. but that player seems to be on its last legs. so am wondering if there is a way of doing the whole process on the computer. Assuming also that that would make things less time consuming since it wouldn’t involve having to play each title back in real time to get it on the compi.

Was thinking Dvd Shrink might do something of the like but it seems to involve having the video on disc and wouldn’t allow compiling several together to the same disc.

these compilations mainly contain short music titles. I started because I had several titles under an hour each and thought it saved discs if I wanted to give them to friends.

would something like Super work on a VIDEO_TS folder to convert it to a single avi or whatever file? VIDEO_TS has the film broken up into smaller files.

I then chapter each title and menu the disc together.
it’s not full length films.
most compis are around 4hrs, since that was decent quality on the recorder. But with the other player dying in screaming agony (sounds like that, keeps grinding and freezing), not sure if that’s a path worth pursuing much longer.

Any ideas?


VLC media player will play a movie in VIDEO_TS format without converting anything or having to burn…

And if you still need to convert the VIDEO_TS folder’s contents to AVI, there are several you can try(e.g. AutoGk, AviDemux, Fairuse Wizard. etc…

DVD Shrink in reauthor mode can be used to make compilations easily. However, as it hasn’t been upgraded (to handle newer DVD encryption) in years, you may have to use a different program to rip the DVD, like DVD Fab. Here’s a thread with a link to the how to:

One thing i didn’t accentuate was the ability to control the compression. So not sure if it is included in those programs suggested. with the dvd player to dvd recorder set up I was (think this is past tense since player doesn’t seem to be able to complete a disc without freezing several times) able to control quality through which setting the recorder was on. the 4hour length of most of my dvds was directed by this. recorder has like 6 settings, lowest allows 6hrs on a standard disc, one I most frequently used 4hrs, better quality at 1, 2, 2 1/2 and 3.
is there anything similar on any of these. not sure if an avi or whatever file format is just an avi or whatever file format or if it has compression quality control.

You can set the compression ratio of the individual clips or the whole compilation in Shrink.

yeah, looks like my overlooking dvd shrink was an oversight. Combined with Nero 7 I can make dvds almost like the ones I was doing more manually.
If i burn to dvdrw then reimport through Nero I’m at the point that I was at after hours of dvd recording. was having to do this recently anyway since recorder is giving double references.
just seems to be having to transcribe menued item to folder in real time though.

but 'tis early days so if I mess around with it I’ll find out its limitations, speedwise, dvd duration etc.
seem to limit to 3 hours instead of 4, but I guess that was just happenstance thanks to recorder anyway.

thanks for the help.