Compression + multiple languages?

Hi there. I was wondering if it is possible to select more than one language when using the “custom” menu (to compress DVDs with xvid/h264 etc) in DVDFab Platinum?

The reason I would like to keep all the available langauges is because I may decide in the future to study those languages so they would be nice to have. I realize that I won’t save as much space on my hard drive but I would still save enough for it to be worthwhile. I am thinking of moving back home and I don’t think I’ll have enough space in my suitcase to bring all the DVD boxsets I have bought over here.


Hi and sorry to hear about you iPod.:slight_smile: The Customize mode will allow you to select any or all (or none) of the available subtitles, but it is a DVD-DVD mode and will not produce the compressed files you want. The DVD to Mobile modes will only allow a single subtitle to be selected to be shown on the screen but will allow all available subtitles to be extracted to a companion file which some players can read and display. Couldn’t you just ship the boxsets back??

Sorry, I wasn’t completely clear, although that info still helps as I would want the subtitles too. But I was referring to audio. In would be nice to have a compressed file with multiple audio tracks. But if it’s not possible then maybe I could just ship home the box sets or get rid of the boxes and find a spindle. It would be nice though to learn how to do this regardless. I believe with Gordian Knot you can select up to 2 audio streams so I figure it it is possible (however I was looking for up to 3 or maybe even 4 audio streams in some cases).