Compression explination

this may be a really dumb ? but i am not totally confedent on the compression thing. like exaple i am backing up “seven” my compression is a 67%, what does it mean and what quality factors are lost, what would i see in the diffrence. menus and bonus stuff do not matter to me i started to reauthor so i can just get the movie and at a high compression. but if i choose to get the menus and bonus, what does that 67% compression refer to as loss of data?

hey, thatz a good question, not a dumb one. with dvd shrink i always think of the compression % as opposite to the way most other programs talk about compression. because with dvd shrink itz actually the higher compression % that gives you a better quality result. i like the final result to be not under approx 85% for a single dvd title.
more here if you are interested in shrinking/copy methods