Compression Bar

e.g. if that bar is say at 89% and there are 5 audio tracks When deselecting unwanted Audio Tracks this should go up to 100% and use no compression, CloneDVD does not take credit for this and will still transcode the video thus losing video quality, what’s up with this, this is the first thing that should be fixed with CloneDVD, theres no point of releasing something that does not transcode properly. Please fix this and then CloneDVD will be number 1.

It’s on the “to-do” list

Should be implemented pretty soon :wink:

As mentioned, this is on the way together with additional functionality…

In the meantime, remember that the failure to show a lower video compression rate when audio tracks are dropped is purely cosmetic. The reduction in compression does take place, but the compression bar is not updated to show it.


so its the bar thats just stuffed up??? thanks for your replies, ill continue to use CloneDVD as it give me the highest quality in the shortest time, Instant Copy 8 just sucks bigtime.