Compression AND CD writing software?

Is there any software (freeware) that will automatically compress all files before burning? I’m looking for the easiest way to fit gigs and gigs on the smallest amount of CDs.
Thanks in advance.

I do not know of any software that will do compression and burning at the same time.
You can try WinZip or WinRAR to compress and than burn.
Those are two software that you can read the files on any machine after compression.
If you find one do it all, you better be sure that the disk can be red on other machine which does not have the same software installed.

You didn’t mention what type of files you wish to store on CD.
Any good backup program will compress the data before it stores it on CD/DVD.

If you do backup, than the statement is true, but you will need same software to open it.

Gigs of bytes maybe, almost all type of files except textfiles are partly compressed already these days.