Compressing the file

Hey I was wondering if a full DVD could be compressed and stored on the computer I would like to keep a few movies on my computer but at 4-5GB a peice I run low on room after 3 movies. What software can I use if any to compress it down with no issues. Even down to a few 100mb would be great


Try winrar. May not get it completely flat but should compress some of the 4-5 gigs. Note that I said may.

Another thing you can try to do is use a rewriteable disc if you have the dvd burner. However this would probably only be a temporary solution

you cant get it down to a few 100 mb without changing the file format.

get divX and change sum size or quality settings it can sumtimes not be noticed in the picture but reduces the files size alot.

I was tied when I put that there. Divx can compress the file down to around 700megs to a gig or so. Try experimenting…
I starting using Drdivx but that would make it avi

Sorry bout that…(the winrar)