Compressing Mpeg2 to fit on a regular DVD disc

I have the pionner XLB and I was wondering if anyone knows a good way of compressing a mpeg2 file into a smaller mpeg2 so I can fit the movie on one disc. I recorded something from a dv tape onto my computer with Pinnacle Studio 9 and now I wanna burn it to a DVD. Now I know of two option but I do not know what programs to use. Can I split the movie into two smaller files and burn onto 2 DVDs or can I compres the file to fit on one DVD. Please let me know if any of you have suggestions. Thanks

This should be in the transcoding software forum here I think.
But here goes anyway!
I know this is a bit of a bodgers way, but I did something similar.
However,I did it all back to front. I made the movie into dvd format using main concept and then tmpeg dvd author and wrote the resulting movie to a folder on the hard drive. The end result was a file over the 4.7Gb needed to fit on a disc. Then I used dvd shrink to fit it to the dvd disc.
I know there must be better ways to do it, but it worked a treat for me.
Does anybody know if nero recode or vision express do this all in one step?

I used the Ulead software that came with my pioneer and I was able to split the mpeg2 into 2 discs each about an hour long. It worked fine and even made an .iso file to where I told it. So all in all it worked about but I need to do more research on encoding and compressing mpegs to see if I can fit it all on one disc. On a side note withc ompression my girlfriends cousin just had a copy of Spiderman 2 on DVD in a VOB file format and it only took 1.9GB. i do not understand that does anyone have any ideas?

Probably in svcd format. I heard of someone that had a copy of shrek 2 :wink: and that was 1.4 Gb

Yea I wanna examine the contents of the disc… that is one big SVCD then. The quality was ok but you coudl definetly tell from some of the graniness.

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