Compressing long audios?




I needed to convert my RM audio to conventional CD format. So first I converted it to MP3 format using Boilsoft’s RM to MP3 Converter v1.48.

Somehow the 13Mb RM file doubled to a 26Mb MP3 file; is that normal?

Then when using Nero 5 burning cdrom software, it says the file’s Duration is 111:07.28 which is far too long for a normal CD.

So how can I solve my problem? Is there a way to compress the file to make it fit without sacrificing quality?

Instead of this 2-step process, is there a way I can convert a RM file directly to conventional audio format?

Pls advise; cheers,



Converting will always affect the quality.

Update Nero if you want to use that.

Or use cdburner or burrrrn.