Compressing ISO files for DVD?



I’ve got a number of movies I’ve ripped that I’m looking to burn to DVD. Problem is, I’ve already ripped them, and they’re over 4.7GB as ISO files, so I can’t shrink them AS I rip, since… well, I’ve already done it. Can I compress these files down to a usable size somehow and still burn them to DVD? Is there a way to do this without affecting the quality of the transfer, video and sound? Most around around 7 or 8GB, none over 9 as far as I know, some are just slightly over the 4.7GB limit. Please help. Thank you very much.


You can extract the files using isobuster and then use dvd shrink to make them fit onto a standard DVD.
However any shrinking will cause a loss of quality, the more you have to shrink the more you lose.
You could edit and use the main movie only which will improve the quality.
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You can open the ISO files in DVD Shrink and perhaps shrink them further and remove unwanted stuff, perhaps just keeping the main movie and removing unneeded audio tracks as suggested by [B]weedougie[/B].

There’s no need to extract the files from the ISO image, DVD Shrink can open the ISO image file directly.

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That would be using (Ctrl i) to open the ISO in Dvd Shrink.


[quote=beef barley;2088754]That would be using (Ctrl i) to open the ISO in Dvd Shrink.[/quote] Which is the same as clicking on “Open Disc Image…” in the File menu.


@ the OP, launch Dvd Shrink, , use Ctrl i, then browse to your ISO that is on your hard drive, open it up in Dvd Shrink. If you don’t want to use reauthor & burn the movie only, you might want to consider burning the existing ISO that you have on to a dual layer blank disc with ImgBurn. As weedougie pointed out, shrinking a full dvd will diminish the quality of your project.


Dual-layer discs require a dual-layer burner, am I correct? For the price of buying one, I might as well just re-purchase these movies.

I don’t wanna take content out of the DVD. I’m big on bonus features and such, if they’re featurettes and behind-the-scenes stuff. If they’re not, they’re probably just text or whatever, and that’s not gonna free up much space, anyway.

So, how do you guys burn ISOs larger than the 4.7GB limit?