Compressing DVDs

How can I compress a DVD files so they would fit onto a DVD+R disc?

There are a myriad number of ways to make a 4.7+ GB movie fit on a single layer DVD+R. Transcoders are popular with many people because they take the least amount of time and are generally packaged as consumer level programs with nice menus and good interfaces. Examples would be DVDXCopy Copy2DVD. The downside is that quality is often compromised by this speedy approach with visible macro blocking and/or other visual artifacts.

Personally, I have been getting very good results with reencoders, the best of which is DVD-ReBuilder/CCE. Visual quality is almost indistinguishable from the original (unless you’re a hardcore videophile in which case you probably wouldn’t be asking this question). This approach takes longer, but is best for archival type backing up of your DVD collection. is a great resource on DVD copying and hosts alot of free tools you can use no matter which approach you take. Look under their guides>miniDVD/DVD>dvd backups section and just browse around a bit- I’m sure you will find an approach that best fits your needs.

Well, I just went through the entire process using the Rebuilder with CCE. It’s finished, and I have the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders. Now how do I put these onto a DVD+R?

One more question, does that Cinema Craft Encoder box stay in the bottom right corner of the encoded DVD?

The most foolproof way to burn the resulting directories is to create an ISO with imgtool classic (there should be a link in the doom9 guide). You can burn the resulting ISO file with DVD Decrypter.

Unfortunately, the CCE watermark will remain on the finished DVD. You can buy CCE Basic for about $60 which will not add the watermark to any projects you encode with it. Or you can use the free encoders mentioned in the guide (Quenc, etc.) There is a way to remove the watermark from projects done with the trial version of CCE SP (aside from buying it for $1500), but it is illegal and not appropriate for me to talk about in this forum. Google and explore the issue further if you desire.

In that guide it says that imgtool classic uses the Nero engine, and I don’t have Nero, so is there another way?

CloneDvd can transcode your movie speedily too, and is cheaper than buying nero and CCE, as mentioned quality level is dropped, but usually for me, if the quality is at least 80% of the original, I can’t tell the difference. I also use DVDShrink, its fast, fun, and free and gives good results with quality.

Oh forgot to mention, Clonedvd will burn your movies for you, whereas dvdshrink uses the nero engine as well. But nero is definitly worth the money for the product.

The new imgtool uses nero; imgtool classic is just an iso generator- although it also gives you the option to automatically burn the iso with dvd decrypter when it is done.

well, after using ImgTool, it worked, but the resulting ISO image is a larger file than the original… I don’t understand why, because I compressed all of it using DVD Rebuilder, and I have the VIDEO_TS folder with a smaller filesize. Why did the ISO image end up so large?

DVD Decrypter > DVD Shrink > Nero. Done.

Actually, Shrink decrypts and Decrypter writes.

Use shrink to compress the disc down and install decrypter to burn the disk. I believe if decrypter is installed and you uncheck the burn with nero option in shrink it will burn automaticly.

so do i have to go through the whole ImgTool process? Because I don’t have Nero, nor do I want to buy it.

DVD Decrypter (free) can burn any ISO file. So if your program of choice outputs in .iso format, you can go straight to burning. If the output is in VIDEO_TS folder format, use imgtool classic first to build an ISO and then burn with decrypter.