Compressing DVD's

Hello, i just copied one of my movies using anyDVD onto my computer, and have realised it is taking up a lot of room (6 gig). At the moment the dvd is a TS folder and this folder contains different types of formats including VOB files. I was wandering if there was a way of compressing these files into a single avi/divx to reduce the amount of room they take up. Also is there a way possible to maybe compress down an image file (ISO) into a single divx/avi format, as many of my already copied movies are in this format for convenience.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: thanks

You could mount an iso, then run dvdshrink and shrink it down.

Monsieur chef’s method will give MPEG2 files further compressed to ~4.3 GB for burning to a single-layer DVD.

If you want an end product of MPEG4 as DivX or XviD in an .avi container at ~700 MB: build an ISO image from the VIDEO_TS folder using ImgTool, then use FairUse Wizard to convert. This should fit on a CD.

Thank you so much guys,
geez such an easy solution i must look like the biggest loser. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a loser at all. That’s how you have to learn sometimes, by asking questions. Once you learn your way around the site and learn how to use the search option you will find answers to most of your questions. Members who have been here for years still have to ask for advice now and then. :wink:
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Absolutely not. Your first post is a model example for others to use, since it describes the problem coherently and gives all the necessary background information. You made it easy for us to suggest a solution with a question so well described :flower:.

Thank you guys so much for your advice on the compression. I found both dvd shrink and FairUSE Wizard useful tools, but FairUSE Wizard was the program I required for my specific task of reducing the file to around 700mb. I found Img Tool a bit overwhelming and resorted to using clondeDVD 2 to make the video_TS into an image.

Thanks again, and also thanks for the support from the manager dudes:P Best Forum ever, you have a certain atmosphere that gives you a sense that you can ask any question, no matter how silly it may seem…and thats pretty rare these days with such pressure on being computer literate.