Compressing alcohol images

I was wondering does anyone know a way to take an alcohol image and compress it to fit onto a cd or cdrw disc.
have tried win rar and win zip but they seem unable to compress enough to get the image onto a cd for example with compression
it can only get the image down to 765mb obviously to big to burn to a cd. thanks in advance its just an experiment!

May seem like a simple thing, but did you ensure that Maximum Compression is selected?

Other than that, I cant think of anything…

Try 7-Zip.

GameJack also has this utility

thanks guys will give your answers a try.

Files on game cds are usually already compressed. So compressing them with winrar, winace, winzip or whatever. Will do very little to make it smaller.

so ive noticed !!! thanks
however using win rar I have found that it can split the image into 700mb sections whilst compressing . clever eh!!!