Compressing A Blu-Ray

Hi All
As you have gathered, I am new to this forum and need your help badly. Its probably been asked a million times over but using AnyDVD HD, I’ve ripped a blu ray but the problem is, it is over 40gb in size. A typical bluray is 25gb. Does anyone know of any decent application that can compress a disc so that it can fit on a standard blu ray disc of 25gb? A tutorial would be absolutely brilliant.
Many Thanks

Look into BD-Rebuilder to compress your Blu ray movie. It is free to download and use. Make sure you get the three auxiliary programs that are needed for BD-Rebuilder to work: the latest ffdshow, Matroska splitter and Avisynth.
Found here:

Here is a site with a guide for the process in the form of a .pdf file: