Compressing 2 DVDs onto 1 disk



Does anyone know how to copy two DVDs (say onto HDD), and then compress them onto a single DVD? I have a film on original formatt that fits on 2 disks (Schindler’s list) and would like to compress it to a convenient single disk.

I have pinacle instantcopy 7.03.142 and use DVD decrypter. Any help would be apreciated as I am a bit new to this :confused:


You could use DVD shrink to get a 4.7GB film or even lower. do this twice and put on a dual layer disc!


Here’s how I compressed Shindler’s List to fit on a DVD-5 single layer disk using DVD Shrink.

  1. Reauthor both disks using DVD Shrink to 4.7 GB each and save the results as two separate folders (one for each disk). Remove all unnecessary features, languages, and sound tracks when you compress them.

  2. Launch DVD Shrink again in reauthor mode. Open the disk one folder using DVD Shrink’s file browser. Drag title one from the DVD Browser (the right side) over to the DVD-Structure side (the left side). Do the same thing with disk two.

  3. Now shrink both these titles down to a single layer disk and burn it. Both Shindler’s List disks will be on the same DVD. Disk one will be title one, and disk two will be title two.

The quality of my backup looked great even though I applied compression twice. I’m sure there are other ways of doing the same thing, but this was really simple and easy. The reason I had to compress twice is that DVD Shrink wouldn’t compress the disks enough with one round of compression.



DVD2one has a seamless join feature will join a movie that has been spread over 2 sides of a disk.

The below link provides some information on the join feature of DVD2one.



I know that this is an old thread, but to anyone who wants to back up shindlers list onto 1 dvd-5, understand that you will only end up with 25% quality. Each disk is a dual layer disk, which is about 7.24 gb, which means that you will have to half to match the dvd 5, then half again so the other half of the movie fits onto the same disk. So remember that if you want to put this onto a disk, try to a dvd-9.