Compressed files



can u delete a file that has been compressed example
dvd profiler/ not compressed(can this 1 be delete after it has been compressed)

dvd profiler / :confused: compressed(were this 1 will still be functionable)


Could you explain better what is your problem?
If I understand, you have an archive with multiple files and you want erase one or more files from the archive. For what I know, winzip and winrar allow this: simply select files to delete and press del from keyboard.


what i mean is ihave got dvdprofiler file which is not compressed
now i am going to compress this file
now i have 1 file compressed
dvdprofiler compressed
and the origonal not compressed
i want 2 delete the origonal not the compressed

in other words i started of with 1
now theres 2 same file 1 compressed 1 not :iagree:


Sure just delete the origianl and then when u need it just uncompress it. I really dont see the problem here.