Compressed audio on writable DVD - Why not?



I just posted the article Compressed audio on writable DVD - Why not?. features an article that shows that current DVD players, a DVD-R disc and MP3 files don’t go well together. They tried to burn MP3 files on a DVD-R (thousands of songs!) and play…

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That’s a good idea but why didn’t the manufactors think on it when making the DVV Players? Maybe to sell a add-on to the DVD Player to play music from a DVD-R :d Well, people will use more and more DVD-R for anything…it’s sad to know that only CD-R/RW only play MP3 on DVD players :frowning: Well, let’s hope they make new improved DVD Players from now on :smiley: (with DivX Playback too :4) LOL!


Couldn’t we just place the mp3 files ont he disk after having converted them into a soundtrack for a movie using maybe Flask?


Already checked this out last year on several major brands (Sony, Grundig etc …) and on some cheaper brands. There is ONE standalone DVD player which does the job. Tested it with a DVD-Rom (mp3 collection) so I do not know if it will work with a DVD-R. The player is a CYBERHOME AD-M 512, it searches for more than a minute but on the display it will only say this is song 22 of 700 numbers. It did not recognise the seperate folders. The newer version of Cyberhome 528 does NOT support a DVD_rom loaded with mp3’s.