COMPRESS VOB files on my HD to AVI/MPG

I ripped a movie onto HD with Dvd Decrypter, now I want to compress it , can anyone recommend a program that is good for this and not too complicated? I tried smartripper but it crashes when i hit START.

Smart ripper is a program that does the same thing as DVD Decrypter.

Therefore you need a program to convert your Vob files into a MPEG movie.

Such programs are DVDx, Dr DivX, Vidomi, FlaskMPEG, Gordian Knot and others.

Then you nedd to choose a codec DivX, XviD, Real, WMP and others.

There is easy to follow guide on this forum here that you could follow to convert your movie.

Since this was answered a year ago, are there any new products you would recommend?

I’m trying to go from VOB to MPEG.

I want to play around with some video editors to piece together some clips from a few DVDs and will be just trying to make something low to medium quality for web viewing. I’ve done some conversions using programs that get DVDs ready to make VCDs, but I’m only wanting to convert a 2-3 minute segment and I’m having trouble finding something to do that.

Any help is appreciated.