Compress mpeg file

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Hopefully this is a simple one. I have some mpeg files that I need to compress. They need to remain as mpeg files as they are referenced by a program. I don’t know the format of them.

Any help much appreciated.



They already are compressed.

Exactly, mpeg is always compressed.

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Sorry, do you need to compress the files as you do with WinZip or as compressing a folder/partition or you just want to reduce the size?
If its the last, chef already told you that Mpeg is always a compressed format, compared to full size video signal.
However, you have several flavours of Mpeg (1, 2 and 4).
Under certain conditions you can take each one of them and re-encode using a higher compression rate (at a quality cost), like Nero Recode or DVDshrink do.

Hi Folks

Thanks for the replies. I obviously wasn’t clear enough with my needs. Here is the whole sordid story. I have a number of mpeg files that are really big in file size, 34Mb for one of them. I need to stream these files but the size is restrictive. I am hoping in some way to reduce the file size. They have different viewing sizes, I don’t know if it is stereo or mono, bitrate ???. What I would like is a nice free program where I can reduce them all down to about 6Mb.

I tried dvd shrink but couldn’t get it to open the files (it kept looking for a .nfo file).

If I can provide better info let me know.


34MB is really tiny. If you said 3.4GB then that would be big.

Where we are 34Mb is way too big. The files are part of an online training course and we can’t afford the time that the size takes to stream down. Part of the problem is that the largest file, 34Mb, is simply a person talking to the camera and the files that matter are the ones that have been reduced by the maker of the program. He seems to have got his priorities wrong. Anyway, I need to fix it.

OK I understand why you say big. Can’t help mind you.

If you find it too big at 34MB, you have to stay with Mpeg1 and maybe VCD if you wanna put it to disc.
(I assume DivX would not be what you’re looking for either)
You have to pick a small size image and adjust the other stuff.

Have a look at:
Here you have indications about packages and even tutorials to guide you.

For streaming them you would probably prefer a format like asf, wmv or divx.