Compress Files



I want to put a 4.85 GB movie onto a 4.7 GB DVD. I did the right click and send to Compressed (zipped) Folder, but a message came up saying that the resulting folder was too large. What can I do to make it fit onto the DVD?


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The best way to do this is not to zip files, but compress files with a software like dvd shrink or clonedvd2.

With these softwares you can remove undesidered contents or compress video enough to fit on a disc, or even split contents in 2 discs.


I was looking at DVD Shrink lastnight, would it be safe to install?


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Take a look at these guides here.


It most definitely is safe to install :iagree:…and welcome! :slight_smile:


I would like to replace that link with guides by cdfreaks, videohelp and doom9
Attaching an example from the link I removed.