Compress DVD to HD using new nero



Hello, we have a media server for our house and currently there are about 150 DVDs on it as .iso files with extras already striped out but these take up too much space and I have pretty much ran out of free space now and am sure I will be getting a DVD or two for Christmas. What I want to do is take all the DVDs and compress them to mpeg movies while retaining the DVD quality, I have been checking forums for the past few years and have yet to see any codec that is able to keep DVD quality. I have however read great things about the new nero recode software that was released Dec 4th and have upgraded my version of nero to it. What I read said that using AVC and h.264 I could keep DVD quality at a fraction of the size. Is this true and what settings would I need to use in nero to get this as nothing I have tried seems to work. Is there an article somewhere that outlines the optimal setting, bassicaly what I want to do is take my DVDs which are about 4-6GB and compress them down to 1-2GB each without losing quality (as far as my eyes can tell) and I want to be able to watch it on my monitor, or TV or and future HDTV or projector I may get. Has anyone done this and what are the best settings to do this.

Thank you.


have you considered compressing to AVI ?


oh, u realise that 150 DVDs will take LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to re-encode/compress to either mpg or AVI ?


Thanks for the reply, yes I have considered AVI and have tried the software in that link in the past but could always tell it was not a DVD, this was probably almost a year ago though so I should probably try it again I guess. I was under the impression that with nero digital I could get better results than with anything else, am I wrong in assuming this. I see that they claim you can compress a DVD to a CD with no percevable visual or audio loss, but this may just be marketing lie. Yeah I know it is going to take a long time but I cant afford to keep buying HDs to keep my DVD as images.

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nero digital will give you an mp4 file. afaik, you can only play them with nero showtime or nero media player. nero digital is FAST, but wont give better quality than the latest autogk with latest xvid 102 codec…
suggest a google for “dvd to nero digital”, or similar. i have seen guides some place, a while ago.


Okay, I have tried autogk and xvid again and I still am not really all that impressed with the quality it acheived, I could very easily tell it was not a DVD. On the other hand with Nero Digital I really can not tell any difference between the DVD and the mp4 file but I have not yet done an entire movie because it is estimated to take about 15 hours so I have just done small several minute samples and am very impressed. If anyone else has been playing around with new version and has some settings they would like to share knows of where there is a new “how to” or tutorial on it I could really use the link as the old how to articles are not much of a help since things have changed.



I have heard good things about the capabilities of nero’s mpeg4 format. Unfortunatlly I havent really played with it very much. It doesn’t seem to have much to set though.
Here are a couple of guides that might help
I’m not sure how many computers you have but it kind of sounds like you have several. You might want to consider setting up one dedicated to 24 hour conversion. You are going to need it to convert that much stuff!!!


found another good guide @