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i have multiple divx files i would like to put to cd-r,the problem is i have a stack of cdr-700MB,but the files vary from 700MB - 900MB. is it possible to compress the files down to 700MB,and if so how much picture quality and sound could i expect to lose ?

thank you .



Thread moved to the Newbie forum, as it’s more of a software question, not related to blank media itself - hopefully you’ll get the right help in here. :slight_smile:


Usually encoding again a video is not a good idea, because quality will degrade easily. How much the quality will be degraded is related to the original video (bitrate, resolution, etc), but a recompression will degrade the quality anyway.

The best options in my opinion, are two:

  1. burning your files on DVDs
  2. saving files on a HDD (a 2.5" one is a nice option, because if you want to play these divx files on a standalone, there are some able to play divx files and provided with an USB port, so you don’t need to burn these files at all).


thanks for the reply

i dont have a dvdrw hence the question on possible comression .

i have tried dvd media but my dvd rom wont accept them.was hoping to burn the files to dvd-r as data .


In these days DVD burners are not really costly. Maybe you can buy one :slight_smile:



yes they are cheap to buy,but was hoping to find a way around this with what i have,i enjoy finding out if these kind of things are possible before giving in and buying my way out of trouble :smiley:

seems nothings that simple eh ?:rolleyes:


Theres is one tool that is very easy to use, and it’s free, it’s called autogk.


thank you vroom;)