Compress & Burn from DVD in HD Folder

I have a folder containing captured and transcoded (NeroVision) camcorder clips. It includes chapter breaks from NeroVision and consists of the standard VOB, IFO and BUP files.

I want to burn a DVD from this folder.
The total package is about 5 GB, so, I need some compression. Nero Recode 2 V gives me an encoding error alert and refuses to process the files, even though the package runs perfectly on Nero Showtime. I also have DVD-X-Copy Platinum, which has an apparent capability to read from a HD folder and burn a DVD. But I find that this will only be implemented in the NEXT version (sound familiar?).

II saw a tutorial about using DVD Shrink for this kind of processing, but it appears that it requires me to manipulate each title seaprately and may not process the chapter breaks.

I would like to point some application at this folder and have it compress to a DVD size. Also burning it at that point would be nice, but I have Nero to do that, if necessary.

What can I use to compress the files so that Nero can burn to a DVD?


Just use DVD Shrink. If the files in your VIDEO_TS folder are one fomplete dvd compilation, then Shrink should compress them fine and will not touch your chapters. I’m just not convinced that NeroVision makes fully compliant dvd files, thats all.


Turns out, that’s what I wound up doing. I did get a playable DVD from DVD Shrink, which showed the initial menu structure, but which did not allow selection of any menu items.

Fortunately, the Chapter breaks came through fine and I am at least able to sequence through them in a linear fashion and find sections I am looking for.

Since you seem to have some concern about the compliance of NeroVision output, I suspect that the remaining problems lie there and not with DVD Shrink, which appears to be a solid program at this point (from what I read on various forums).

Again, thanks for your help,