Compress avi.?

Is it possible to compress a bunch of avi convert to DVD to fit into a DVD-R?

What possible software to use…

i would appreciate your help!!!

What is you avi format? Is it mpe4(DivX), mpeg2 or DV format?

Conversions from AVI movies to DVD format require a lot of CPU power. If you have a powerful PC, then it’s not a big problem, but be prepared to spend many hours to do the conversion.

The easiest solution is to bui a standalone player able to read avi files (these are very common nowdays, and some are very cheap).

If you still want convert there are many software available (take a look here and here)

My q6600 can transcode dvd-9 to dvd-5 at 1300fps (takes 3-4 mintues for an entire disc)

And converting divx back to dvd still takes at LEAST the length of the film, if that gives you any idea what you’re getting into.

I’d suggest getting a divx enabled dvd-player, and just burning the avi files themselves onto dvd.

There’s an upconverting pioneer dvd player that plays divx and xvid flawlessly at best buy for $89.

That’s the best divx playing dvd player under $100, hands down.