Composite video on the back of my Sony VAIO?

Hello, I recently bought a Sony VAIO VGC-RB40(G) Series desktop with Media Center, and it came with a composite video input (the red, white, and yellow inputs). I would like to play my Nintendo Gamecube through this connection, except when I hook it up and turn it on the computer doesn’t recognize anything. I can’t find a way to view the video game on my computer anywhere. It seems unlikely that this shouldn’t work to me, and if anything I would like to know why the input exists. PLEASE HELP! Any suggestions of getting my Gamecube to work on my computer are well-appreciated. THANKS!

I believe you have to set it to another channel to get a video consol to work. Do have a giga pocket with a T.V. tuner. Remeber you have to plug in all connection including the GameCude adapter.

Hey alan1476, thanks for replying. Yes I have plugged in all Gamecube connections including the adapter. I don’t think I have a giga pocket, and to be honest I’m not exactly sure what that is. However, the TV tuning suggestion sounds possible because I do have a TV tuner that I use through Media Center. If you could give a more detailed description on how to do so that would be great. All other suggestions are well appreciated also. Thanks!

I also have a Sony Vaio series desktop. Your may have giga pocket installed already, look under your start menu in your programs. Did yours come with a remore control as well? I have not fooled around with the giga pocket program yet, but am very curious about its features and abilities.
I copied some of the giga pockets program manual to give you a rough idea of what its capible of: Hope this helps you some…

"Watching and recording TV programs
Giga Pocket has two decks: the TV/Recording deck and the playback deck. You can watch a TV program on your computer’s display and record it on the hard disk of your computer using the TV/Recording deck.

  • Watching/recording TV

You can play back recorded video content using the playback deck.

  • Playing Video Capsules

  • Video Capsule (Glossary)

You can record a TV program and play back an already recorded program simultaneously, using both the recording and playback decks.

Playing back a recorded part of a program while recording it (Slip Play)
Giga Pocket has unique features.

On an ordinary VCR, if you set a timer recording for 9:00 PM, for example, and you return home at 9:30 PM, you can only play back the program after the timer recording has ended.

But with Giga Pocket, you can start playback from the beginning while continuing to record.

  • Watching an in-progress recording from the beginning (Slip Play)

Setting a timer recording
Using the Timer Recording Wizard, you can set timer recordings.

  • Setting a new timer recording

Timer Recording Manager can record TV programs even when you are not at home.

  • Enabling/disabling timer recording

Managing Video Capsules
Giga Pocket stores recorded images, their timer recording and information in Video Capsules.

Just as ordinary video tapes are usually stored in Cabinets, Video Capsules are stored and managed in the Cabinets of Giga Pocket Explorer.

For example, just like taking an ordinary video tape from the Cabinet and loading it on the VCR, similarly you can select the desired Video Capsule from Giga Pocket Explorer and play it back with Giga Pocket.

  • Managing Video Capsules

Copying Video Capsules to video tapes
Using Giga Pocket, you can copy images from a Video Capsule (recorded on the hard disk of your computer) to an ordinary video tape.

  • Duplicating Video Capsules

Operating Giga Pocket using a remote commander
You can operate your Giga Pocket using the supplied remote commander.

The remote commander allows you to switch channels, as well as select or play back a Video Capsule."

Good luck to you. I will be watching this thread as well for any others who have a Vaio with the giga pocket feature installed:)

I don’t know what program to use for the input to detect it either. You can’t use the TV signal because of the 3-5 second delay which makes the game unplayable. Please help us! :sad:

Anyone with a Sony Vaio VGC-RB40… I had to replace my Power Supply and knocked 2 plugs for card reader off.
1 Gray single inline r/w/gn/bk/closed
1 Black Double 10 pin w/1 bottom closed
only sockets are both 10 pin ??