Composite output on DVD recorder

Does anyone make a hard disk DVD recorder which adds whatever is being played by the recorder to the composite output aerial signal, rather than it just being a straight loop through of the input signal.

My current (old) video recorder and (old) digital tuner does this, which enables me to take this output signal which is then distributed to all TV sockets around the house, so any room can watch what is being played on the video recorder or digital box. The main TV is connected directly with SCARTs etc.

I recently bought another digital tuner, but this justs loops through the input composite signal without adding the digital channel to it. Looking at the specs for DVD/PVR recorders it is not clear whether they will / will not add their output to the comosite aerial output? Any alternative solutions?


You can get SCART modulators, which add the SCART signal to UHF
From the description, it sounds like these are not “through adding”, but switch the modulated SCART through when the SCART is active, and feed the antenna signal through when inactive.
This one appears to be full passthrough, with SCART and AV composite inputs.

These are UK ones, there should be similar ones for other systems.

NB. You do NOT get stereo, all modulators will downmix to conventional mono, as a NICAM encoder is too expensive, since they are not a mass produced chip like the decoder.

Thanks MattH. Looks like just the job.