Component recommendations for new build

Looking for component recommendations for a new build.
Case: corsair C70/phantec ethos/fractal design
Cooler: kraken x61
Motherboard : asus rog maximus Viii hero z170 / as rock extreme 6+
Cpu: i7 6700k
Memory : gskill ripsaws v ddr4 3000
Video card : evga gets 980 ti ftw
Boot drive : sm951 m2 128gb
App drive: Samsung 850 pro 512mb
Storage drive: western digital black 4tb
OS: Windows 10 professional
optical drive: ???

I plan to overclock everything. Already tested video card and it oc’s well. Won’t be crazy oc, but around 4.5 or 4.6 on cpu and memory to 3200 at cl15

For psu I already have a new Evga 1000w 80plus gold @ $101.00 after rebate, and gtx 980 ti ftw $570 after rebate

Looks good, hope you enjoy it. I rarely stress my old i5, so I’ll be on the sidelines a long time.

Optical drive is a question mark? There isn’t anything to choose between most of the brands these days for basic DVD drives, though Samsung just left the market. If you want a Blu-ray burner, I’d get a Pioneer 209 for an internal drive, or one of the LG’s.

I really like my phantec chasis…

I wish I had went with an ASUS board…my ASRock z170 Pro4 is OK, but just OK

I also went with the Samsung SM591 but had the 950 Pro been out I would have went with it…

It looks like you are going to be rocking one dam solid system there Rob…enjoy the new build…

One thing I would almost certainly change is the system SSD. I’d opt for a 256GB drive rather than the 128GB model.

If you go for the SM951 rather than the 950 Pro, then make sure you get the NVMe version of the SM951, rather than the AHCI version.

Another board worth checking out is the Asus Z170 Pro (non gaming version), which has a nice feature set and should also overclock well.