Component, Composite & Audio Cables: Are They Different?

Is there any difference between component, composite, video and audio cables? If so, which are different and what is the difference?

BTW, I’m not talking about differences in quality. I mean in cables of equal or approximately equal quality, are these cables made the same or differently.

I don’t want to start a discussion on the nuances of high end cables or which brand is better. I’m asking if there is a substantive difference in the way these various cables are made.

I have a feeling they’re all made the same way and cables of equal quality could be used interchangably for any composite audio or video application with equal results. At least composite audio and video. I’m not sure if composite and component video cables could be used interchangably.

I believe it is all in the shielding. The better shielding the better the signal transfer without degrade.

Yes there is a difference. ‘Video Cables’ should be made from 75 ohm coax. Most aren’t. Will you notice the difference? Most don’t…:cool:

Better cables have improved connectors makes for better contact

If you get the cheapest cables on the market you’ll probably end up with worse quality than necessary although my personal view is that Monster Cable and the likes doesnt justify their price compared to the difference of let’s say HAMA (huge supplier in EU).