Component Cables - DVD Picture Blurs



Hi Guys,

I’m not exactly a newbie to these things but hoping someone can help.

My problem is that I have recently purchased a new TV, just a 68cm CRT TV, nothing flash but suits me. Anyway I noticed it had outlets for component leads so I treated myself to some nice gold plated leads for DVD playback. Now a strange things occurs but only when watching DVDs.

The picture is fine, alot clearer then the composite leads I used to use, but sometimes when the movie changes scenes usually when going from a lighted scene to a darker one or vice versa the screen blurs for a second & then continues normally, its not that bad but it can be distracting, just wondering if you guys know what could cause this & how to remedy it, The DVD is a Toshiba and the TV is a Philips,

Thanks for your help