ComplienceError in Nero 6,3

When i try to burn a dvd-video in Nero 6.3 i got an annoying problem. I have read some guides on how to do, but it doesnt work at all for me.

When i have dragged all the files in the VIDEO_TS folder I got an error wich tells me that:

Backup files “VTS_01_0.BUP” should be identical to "VTS_01_0.IFO
DVD-Video compliencetest failed… youre fucked…

What does this mean? Why do i get this error and what can i do to burn this darn folders, creating a valid dvd?


You may have some corrupted files in this Video_TS folder. What program are you using to convert your video to the VOB format? Does this happen with all of your videos in VOB format or just one or two?

This problem could be cause by the program that you are using to convert the video or Nero may have a problem encoding the VOB files created by this other program.

Give me some feedback about the program you’re using to convert your video and hopefully I can help you come up with a solution.



Thanks Darrick. I tried and burned the disc end it did really work even though the program told me it probobly would not work… problem solved! I burned 9 dvd´s last night with no problems! :smiley: