Complications in copying a copyright CD



Okay this is a question for some one who really knows how to burn CDs. Now, I am having a problem with a software on a CD. First let me tell you what I have done so far.
I inserted the software CD in to my computer, went to my CD drive, pressed control A to select every thing and then sent it to my documents. This was completely successful. I thought that I had gotten the software safe and sound. However later on I discovered how wrong I was. Any ways. Now I removed the original CD from the computer. Now I proceeded to my documents where the contents of the CD had been moved to. I opened the folder and successfully downloaded the software.
However, the problem arose when I tried to use the software. When I tried to run the software, an error came up asking me to please insert the “original” CD in the computer

to me this seems to be some thing associated with the fact that this product is copyrighted. I have tried copy the CD on to my computer in all sorts of ways but never yet been successful. Btw I have already tried to copy the CD through Nero ultra 7 but still like I said, I have been unsuccessful. Soooo, is their any one out their that thinks they know a solution to this problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Sorry, I can’t help you: I don’t really know how to burn CDs.


You need to create an image file, and then burn the image to CD. This may be done by using Nero Image Recorder to create the image, and then select “Burn Image” to burn image to CD.


The software may also be copy protected. This is to prevent people from making illegal copies. There are ways around it but they are complex and involve a fairly steep learning curve.


Okay, I have already created an image file by using Nero Image Recorder and also burned the CD. However once again the software burns successfully but when I try to run it, the software asks for me to insert the original CD

Now as for the question of is the CD copyright, yes it is definitely copyright. I know this because Nero informed me it was when I tried to make an image file. But as I said Nero still burned a CD for me.

You mentioned some thing about a way to get around the fact that a CD is copy protected. Would any one be able to inform me just about how to do this? It’s perfectly okay if it is a very complicated process.

And again thank you for all you support guys!


Hi, there are many types of copy protection being used. It would help if you gave us more information about what the software is :iagree:


i’m not exactly sure what type of information you are asking for, but i’ll try my best. the softwares name is EyeQ and it is a program to enhance ones reading speed. if there is any info any one is interested in in particular please feel free to ask. just make sure you tell me how to find that info


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What copy protection is used? Scan the installation folder for the program on your hard drive with Protection ID and let us know.

It would also help if you told us what burner/s and any other ordinary cd/dvd rom/s you have as the ability to successfully copy many types of protected cds is hardware dependant.


okay i have a cd/dvd rom but that is just about it. i am currently using windows xp home edition. as for softwares that i have to burn with i have media player burner and nero.

as for the type of copy protection ; i went to the setup file and went to properties this is what it says next to copy right: Copyright © 1990-2000 InstallShield Software


Read philamber’s post again and if you don’t know what protection id look here and don’t forget the rest of the info.


okay i went to the site under the “here” icon and downloaded “burn out” and “ray scanner”. then i tested my cd to see what type of copy protection it had and you wont beleive what it said!!!

both softwares said that the cd had no copy protection. however it clearly says unde properties of the setup files that the cd is copyright. further more if it wer’nt really copyright then why would i have trouble using it without a cd in the first place? i am completely lost


As previously suggested, use Protection ID and scan the installation folder on your hard drive [B]not[/B] the cd itself.


copyright is not copy protection.


i used the protection ID software and scaned the installation folder on my hard drive but in the end it said " File appears to have no protection or is using an unknown protection" at this i was thought that all hope for finding the the protection was lost. luckily however i thought of calling the softwares company and asked them what protection was being used.

so finally at long last i found out what protection was being used. they said that “128 bit incription” was the protection being used.

soooo does any one have any idea how to get around copying a copyright CD using 128 bit incription as the protection???


does any one have any idea’s at all???


I tried really hard to back up this CD over the last few months. Unlike some others, I don’t think it’s Tages. Beginning with version 3.3, I think it’s some kind of proprietary method where they put data at several “unwriteable” locations during pressing, then verify that the disk is in the drive before starting the program (after that, it doesn’t use the disk). Someone who really knows what they’re doing is going to have to analyze the disk and create software specifically for backing it up. I don’t have the knowledge even to know where to begin.


According to R!Co and this post it’s Tages protected.

If you wish to try to make a working back-up copy see here.

Good luck (you’ll almost certainly need it)!