Complicated situation about BF1942

dunno if this is the right forum but here goes…
Writer: TDK 16x10x40x /model: TDK 161040x
Reader: Pioneer DVD-ROM / model: DVD106

Isobuster 1.3
Nero Burning ROM

Got this game last week and I left it at San Diego. :frowning: Fortunately I made an image (.ccd - Disc 2) to my hard drive just the day before using CloneCD. I have Disc 1 as an .img. (forgot what I used). My question is, how can I burn these correctly so that I can play with it. (Not having the "Please insert disc to play dialog)

I used Isobuster to extract the img to a directory and I burnt it using Nero. (Regular/Data CD settings - used the wizard) The CD works fine when installing but if I try to play with it, the insert cd dialog pops up so I have to use a no-cd crack but then I cant play in most of the servers. I haven’t tried burning the .ccd image yet but I think it’ll work. Is this possible to do or do i have to buy another game?

more news…

TDK 161040x firmware is 5.32
clonecd info:
Best write mode: RAW-DAO 96
Best Data-Read Mode: RAW+96
Best Audio-Read Mode: RAW+96
It does not write regular bit patterns correctly or has not yet been tested. Use “Emulate weak sectors”.
hope that helps.

The .img file that I created was approximately 730 megs and when I “isobusted” it, it came out 640 megs. It is missing something which is causing it to say “Please insert disc” or whatever. So few questions arise: [ul]
[li]To those who did CD-to-CD backup burn for Battlefield 1942, how big was the disc and did you guys use overburning or other methods to burn it?
[/li][li]Did using the “SafeDisc (1/2/2.51) - no AWS” custom profile and the “SafeDisc (2/2.51) - AWS” custom profile work?
[/li][li]I believe the 1.2/1.31 patches upgrade the safedisc protection to 2.8. How did you guys bypass this protection?

I too have the tdk 161040x and there’s not a hope in hell that you will be able to make a good back up maybe try emulate weak sectors instead of amplify, If that don’t work try alcohol 120% but I think you got a snowballs chance in hell with that drive.

ps It’s a rebadged sanyo

okay, that answers that question… any more?

I think alcohol would be the best option (I don’t use alcohol)or clone cd’s emulate weak as it’s a zero sheep burner CRD-BP1400P = tdk161040x other than that there’s nothing more that you can do besides buy a lite-on or asus burner. :wink: