Compliance Test Failed!

I know this may be a stupid question but i am total rookie when it comes to dvd burning.

I have Nero and ive been trying to burn mpeg clips onto a dvd but when i try to write the dvd i get an error message saying that the compliance test has failed. Can anyone tell me how to convert my mpeg files into VOB IFO or BUP?
(Because im new at this i may not understand some of the things you say so if you could put your replies into layman terms it would be much appreciated )

Thanks in advance

what is the purpose of putting them onto the DVD?
do you want it like a data disc? or an actual DVD?
sounds like you’re trying to compile a DVD Video compilation with mpeg files.
either you’d need to create a ISO compilation or convert the mpegs to DVD format using a utility like NeroVision express.