Complex problem with Philips DVD Drive

I am doing a bit of research on behalf of a friend helping me with a problem with my CD/DVD drive…

Something has changed, and I can no long listen to music on cds, via my earphones using my computer.

I can listen okay to…
Skype telephone conversations
Music already stored on my computer

But I cannot listen to cds put into my cd/dvd drive.

The drive has been taken out of the computer and tested in another one - where it plays cds just fine.

The relevant firmware on my motherboard has had the driver updated.
The driver for the DVD drive has been updated.
The drive itself has been uninstalled and reinstalled on my computer.

I think that covers what has been done so far.

I would be really grateful for any advice about what the problem might be, or how to sort it out… In the next few days my friend will be round & I can pass on any ideas. (I am too much of a newbie to be able to follow up advice myself.) Any help would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum.

Go into Device Manager & check the properties of the drive. The Enable digital CD etc should be checked.

Thank you very much indeed for that. I have bookmarked this page and will show it to my friend when he next comes to have a look at this problem. Thanks again!