Complex Evolution 3.2.3 Released

Complex Evolution 3.2.3 was just released. Product page link: Complex Evolution homepage
New in this release:

  • Improved verification code for DAO and SAO modes.
  • Fixed some DVD-Video compatibility problems with stand-alone DVD players/
  • Fixed Audio engine allowing to provide audio tracks padding at least up to 300 logical blocks. Now small audio files would not produce errors while burning.
  • Improved compatibility with QSI и TEAC DV-W58G recorders.
  • Improved compatibility with SAMSUNG 348B recorder which cannot have handled synchronized cache in asynchronous way.
  • Folder size is shown with the project.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect GMT offset setting in ISO timestamp derived from Windows time zone info. Now discs created have always had correct time.
  • Added code to handle devices which cannot survive with BURN-Proof style protection enabled.
  • Added some marking code to allow log tracing for devices which cannot have handled BURN-Proof enabled bit.
  • Added workaround for USB memory sticks which have been recognized as the devices and crash the library while reading TOC.
  • Added track size correction for ISO9660/Joliet filesystem using ISO9660 volume descriptor and for UDF filesystem using partition descriptor while reading TOC.
  • Fixed bug with importing tree nodes.