Completion of half burnt CDs



this is my first post, so if you find any thing wrong, please forgive me.

Machine Spec’s:
Motherboard: intel SE7505VB2
Processor: 3.0 Gig HT (dual)
Ram: 4096 MB DDR
HDD:ST3200822AS Barracuda 200 GB 7200 RPM
Burners: Sony CRX 230E (52-32-52) *3 pcs
Burning Software : Nero Enterprise Edition
OS: Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 4

Problem Specification:
i burn 1000s of CDs. and have successfully done so in the past.
quite recently, the line power (220 volts AC) is fluctuating very much. (no, a UPS does not help, i have a online 1500 VA), so resulting in some high number of coasters, more than 30 %.

So my question is :-
is there any software that will complete the interupted burn process???
i am even ready to buy any software…
i have nero, NTI UltraISO and ISObuster, all officially bought.

please help, because its really vexing me.

thanx in advance
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Rituparno Chakrabarti.


If your burn is interrupted, then your disc is a coster. Throw it in the garbage. :sad:

I don’t see why a UPS does not help! (Does your UPS have settings? Can you make it more sensitive to voltage droops?)


actually the ups does not have any settings, and is pretty old, i am planning to get it changed

is there any way to revitalise a brand new coaster???


There is no way to ‘re-vitalise’ a coaster. :sad:

(That is, unless it’s on a re-writeable medium so you can just erase it and try again.)


i was dreading just this…:confused: :sad:

so u have any ideas about what i can do with about 750 sparkling coasters???


Originally posted by Arkantos
[B]i was dreading just this…:confused: :sad:

so u have any ideas about what i can do with about 750 sparkling coasters??? [/B]

Well you might be able to use ISO Buster to extract any good data from them.

But other than that, you can make nice fireworks in your microwave with them!


maximus, hats off to you, i am laughing my bellies out!!!

all the cds have the same data, and i have the iso dump.

my business is cd-replication. ppl give me a master cd, and tell me “i want 1500 copies”, and i do that.

i mainly do work for MNCs and banks…


Although APC says most of their UPS’es have filters , most filters suck. You could easily build a better filter using washing machine condensators for instance :slight_smile:

I would also recommend a damn good ATX power supply (with filtering and giving an enormous stable current for the rest of your system).

But if you are making thousands of cd’s , why not use a standalone writing system instead of a whole pc ?


i am planning to get a new 1.5 KVA ups and a 2 kilowatt 0.6 milisecond fast acting multi servo stabiliser. i already have a 1 kilowatt atx power supply.

about the standalone writing system…it sucks…

i am planning to get some more writers cuz 3 aint enough…i want to make some additionnal ide ports, using daughter cards and plug them in…my aim is to have at least 7 writers…cuz nowadays the orders are coming heavy and fast…u know what i mean :smiley:

i have made an instrument myself, which automatically takes out the burnt cds, and puts in blank, so i cant go for stand alone ones…all my writers are vertically mounted in specially made harnesses separately, outside the comp chasis


Arkantos, post a pic of the instrument, sounds cool.

For somewhat less money, you could just get a generator and make your own electric, although I do not see why a dip or spike would make a coaster unless it causes a power drop or spike to CPU or RW device and that would have to be significant enough to dim the lightbulbs in the room (or fry 'em.)

Mr. Belvedere - that is an awsome screen name!!!:iagree:


ok, willdo.
but will take some time…no digital camera you know, have to borrow one!

actually the machine used to reboot very frequently, and would result in coasters…

i got the 2 kilowatt 0.6 milisecond fast acting multi servo stabiliser. bought it yesterday, and already it has resulted in sugnificant drops in the number of coasters…on wednesday i will be getting the UPS, that will complete the deal…

u know the old juke boxes, wher there used to be a lot of LPs and when the first one finished playing, the next one would be placedon top of it…

my instrument work in somewhat that fashion.there are vacuum suckers which hold on to the CD and move them around.