Completely new to burning



I’m completely new to DVD burning, but hopefully I can learn quickly. I have a bunch of video files that I downloaded on the net, but I want to burn them so I can view them on my TV. I have the program “Nero Express” and I also have downloaded “ConvertXtoDVD” which someone told me it is a good burner. Now I just got back from the store and I bought “DVD-R” discs and when I got home to try to burn a video, Nero checked the disc and a message came up saying “Please Insert Empty Medium to write to” and below it said “CD-R/RW”.

Then I attempted to use “ConvertXtoDVD”, but after the conversion, it sayd “Please insert a writable media in the selected drive”. So I guess I bought those discs for nothing? What discs should I get instead? And also, what am I supposed to do in general when I burn?


Welcome to the forums. Please read the rules here concerning illegal downloads as this is against this forum’s rules and thus your question will not be answered :disagree: .


It is possible to download legal video files so we shouldn’t always jump to the conclusion that they are illegal.

Welcome to CD Freaks.

For the moment we’ll work on the assumption that what you have is legally obtained.

What we need to know is exactly the model of DVD burner you have - brand & model number. Also the brand & media ID of the DVD-R that you bought. This can easily be found by using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & the disc info tab.


Point taken. I guess it also depends on what country you live in and what their rules and regulations are. We’ll have to await to see what Burn_Help says.


I have a sneaking suspicion the burner is a CD writer, given that the message from nero is asking for “CD-R/RW” media. If that is the case then you need to convert to VCD and use CDs for them.

That’s as far as I go as the rules are generalised for a purpose, there are very few places to legally download video files. Until that increases the forum rules apply to all, unless I suppose theplace of download is mentioned and thus can be checked by the mnods/admion to make sure. They are there to protect the forum after all, and given the international nature of it, and possibly where it is based, they admins have to air on the side of caution.