Completely Lost my CD-RW drive and DVD-rom drive

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie on this forum but not new to computers per say. I have owned my own computer for almost 10 years and am quite efficient at solving small issues over the years.

However I have now encountered something that I don’t know how to remedy. I am not sure what happened but approximately 5 days ago I lost both my CD-RW drive and my dvd-rom drive. I go to my computer and both icons are gone completely. I am unable to even open either drive and the indicator light on my computer remains a solid red.

I am stumped and am really hoping that someone can offer me some advice. I have an MDG computer (Canadian Company) with the following information:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4–3.0 processor
512 Ram
160 gig HD

I have not even been able to locate either drive under the device manager (from what I can tell). I am not sure what kind of hardware it is…HELP!


Tammy aka Canadianmom1997:sad:

You might have a hardware problem of some sort. If both drives are on the same IDE cable, it could be a bad controller or a bad cable. Have you looked in the bios to see if they show up there?

In Device Manager your cd and dvd drives should show up under DVD/CD Rom drives. From your specs on your computer, I’d guess you have IDE interface drives, so look at the Secondary IDE Channel by double clicking it, then look to see if there are any devices there that have Ultra DMA enabled.

If it is a software problem, you might look through this guide provided by Microsoft.

Run this:

I’m not sure what’s up with the red indicator light on your pc, but Kerry and MysticEyes have given you solid advice.
First off, I’d look to running the registry patch linked above…I see it’s based on cdgone which has been around for years and darn handy. This will be a lot easier than navigating Microsoft’s guide re: your registry…no offense Kerry…:bow:

If no luck, like Kerry, I’d be very suspicious of your cabling, connections, etc.
At this point, I’d try another cable…they’re only a few bucks.
Has anyone been inside the box lately?