Completely Disable ability to burn disks

I know most of the CDR etc talk on here is about trying to fix problems with burning etc…but this is a little different. At work we recently purchased some laptops with CDR drives in them. Problem is we can’t allow our users to burn CD’s for security reasons. Besides not giving them admin rights to the computers and disabling XP’s internal cd burning capabilities, is there any other way I can completely disable the ability to burn a cd with these laptops. The laptops are Dell Inspiron 2200’s with CDRW/DVD combo drive. Is there any way I can force XP to report that the drive installed is just a plain DVD drive and not a CDRW as well. Only reason I ask this is because we usually give people admin rights to their local computer. So disabling XP’s writing capability won’t stop them from installing any of the numerous CD burning apps and burning a disc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I think that the only way to disable to specific users to use a device is to create a specific user without administrator rights.

Another solution can be move burners from internal to an external box; in this way only authorized users can use the device, because unhauthorized people haven’t phisically the drive.

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Off the top of my head i’d say a bad flash would work (just kidding). To hard to take apart and unplug? Can’t you disable in the BIOS and password protect? Just some ideas…I’ve never messed with a Laptop so excuse my ignorance.

I dont see how this will solve any security issues as the user with administrive priveleges can easily just plug in a usb flash storage device and copy sensitive information that way.

The way i see it is unless you want to make the laptop completly secure and lock the user out then you will not be able to gurantee against security issues with company sensitive information.

Any user who can now burn a cd with sensitive information can otherwise just plug the laptop into the nearest ethernet port, connect, and upload the same information on some ftp space, to be later downloaded in all comfort from his home (or whatever).
I don’t think there’s any way you can prevent your users from copying potentially sensitive data, even if you should manage to disable burning (I don’t think it’s possible anyway).

Put in Plextors :bigsmile: sorry :iagree:

Well the bonus is that most of our users are idiots or wouldn’t own a flash/thumbdrive. Sadly we already know there are tons of ways for them to copy data without the need for a cd writer. I could always completely disable the drive but then all we’d hear would be complaints that they couldn’t use the drive to even read disks. I’m not entirely sure why we have a requirement specific to cd writing and nothing else but that’s what we got. I guess my best bet is going to be to disable the internal burning ability and then just not give them local admin rights. Of course THAT can even be circumvented but the people that will be getting these laptops aren’t smart enough to know how. Anyways…thanks for the info.

Sure they will. They’ll google it, download some shitware, and burn CD’s. AND mess up their machines.

The only way to make this work is as part of a comprehensive rights/privileges policy. Not easy to implement, sorry. If you just disable the internal CD burning service, you’ll just make things worse for yourself in the long run.

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