Completely and utterly lost

Okay, heres whats what: Just bought a NEC 3500A dvd burner which came with Nero OEM Suite. I have absolutely no idea how to burn something to a dvd!!!
The only thing I can manage to do is make VCD’s on regular CD-R’s which I can do with my regular cd burner. I’m so confused! Can somebody please give me a step by step on how to burn anything to a dvd-r(i.e. movie) using Neros Express 6 or VissionExpress 3 SE?

Thank you

Will you be using double layer media or single layer…
If double layer dvd decryptor (free) is best
If single layer you will need a compression program also (ie clonedvd\anydvd or dvdshrink etc)
post back what programs you have and we can take it from there
or have a look in the tutorials for dvd


have a look at the tutorials for some good guides

I have anydvd