Complete uninstall/removal of AnyDVD

I would like to know if AnyDVD, CloneCD, and CloneDVD leave behind any drivers or files after uninstalling it off a computer. Im not sure but I think after I uninstalled these software products, I’ve been experiencing problems with my cd/dvd drive. I used to play DVD’s fine and now they play sluggish, like when people talk, they sound drunk. Its like “do you knnnnnnnnnoowww what Immmmmmmmmmmm saying about thhhhhhhhhe book?” I just want a solution to this problem. Thanks!

Hi kurse. Can you check your DMA settings please?

Hi Kurse, what i use for a compleat uninstall is this,
It works well and no issues with it.

No, if you use the uninstaller.

Although I want to add that there is no way to remove it to keep using it as a trial either. Well you could buy it and that would end it all.

Kurse -

The problem you are describing sounds like a problem with the Computer Software Program you are using to view your DVDs.

Suggest using a specially designed Computer Software Program to view your DVDs similar to PowerDVD or WinDVD.

Have you ensured that when viewing DVDs on your computer that you have curtailed all unnecessary background Multi Tasking operations? Have you insured that you have the most current up to date Video Card and Sound Card drives installed?

Ensure you have the latest version of DirectX (DirectX 9.0c) installed on your computer if not below is a download link ->

If you have DirectX 9.0c installed ensure that it is functioning correctly by running the DirectX Diagnostic Tool ->


Give the drives a day off
They should be fine tomorrow

Damn, you guys are the best! First off, I would like to say thank you for all the different solutions and advice about my problem. [B]Mr. HUGO[/B], yeah I have CCleaner, great program. I think I got rid of everything. [B]Slysoft[/B], I wasnt aware of that thanks. [B]Dr. Who[/B], thank you for your knowledge. Hey [B]Belooken[/B] Im using PowerDVD already,youve really tried hard to find out what my problem was, thanks. [B]ZAG[/B], I really dont see how that would fix my problem, but maybe you know something I dont. And last but certainly not least, [B]linx05[/B], if it wasnt for you I wouldnt have fixed my problem with my cd/dvd drive. You left me a link and I it gave me directions on uninstalling the secondary IDE and rebooting my computer. Abra Cadabra!!! EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL lol. Thanks guys!!

:smiley: No problem kurse. Have fun with Slysofts products!

Not so i know a way of keeping a trial running forever , but im not telling :cool:

You won’t be telling and you won’t be posting if you keep this up.:cop:

ok but im just informing you that it can be done, im not going to tell , dont be so aggressive to me. I think Any DVD is a great product and i wont compromise their business.

What a way to start out on a new forum. I’d watch your P’s & Q’s. :cop:

Sorry to say i believe in telli ng the truth , any dvd is easy to compromise but i wont be telling how its done so dont worry Dr Who ill be good boy from now on . Forgive me :bigsmile:

Can do I just hate to see you gone we love to have more people to help. :smiley:

Thanks Dr Who but anyone trying to reinstall Any DVD after having the program will not be able to do it properly without knowing where they have secretly installed the Armaddilo program to stop you doing this. All registry cleaners will not do this so you need something more.