Complete soccer cd protection help

G’day all. I have come across this problem which I am hoping you guys could help me out with. I have bought myself a cd-rom size soccer coaching interactive cd-rom which cost me $100. I have tried to make a copy of it just in case I accidentally loose this cd-rom or it gets scratched. I have used Nero and NTI CD & DVD maker and slysoft clonecd 2, but I always get the same error. So I have tried to copy all files in this cd-rom onto my hard drive but without any luck. It copys all files except for this one file in a directory on this cd-rom which is funny enough labelled as “Protection.dxr”.
When coping to hdd the Error copying file or folder window pops up with, “CANNOT COPY PROTECTION: THE PARAMOUNT IS INCORRECT”. One interesting thing I have found with is this cd-rom is when I have explored it using windows explorer and it is in folders view, if I right click the cd-rom D;/drive and press properties I get a size of 728,629,248 Bytes-694MB. But if I go on the right hand side of windows explorer and select all folders and files and get the property values I get a reading of 1.42 GB. This can’t be possible can it. Looks like a dual layer cd-rom. Is this right?
The size of this Protection.dxr file is about 800meg and it is hidden and can only be viewed if the “show all hidden files” is selected in the folders options. Is this some kind of new protection preventing copying? Any ideas? Please help.