Complete Rip n Burn newbie!

Hey guys…as im sure ya guessed from the title im a bit of a newbie when it comes to copying DVDs. I can seem to be able to backup my CDs fine, I just cant seem to get the knack of copyin damn DVDs :stuck_out_tongue: .
Ive downloaded a few .AVIs onto my HD but when i try to convert n burn them, the disks wont play on my dvd player!! I hav “Full Video Converter” to convert the .AVIs (but this takes like 16 hours) and was using free version of Nero6 to burn them. FVC converted the .AVI to MPEG (i think) but am havin trouble playin it.
Could anyone please let me know wot the best software are for
I also hav DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to copy my DVDs and PS2 games, althoough i havnt treid them yet (im still waiting for my chip).

thanks alot in advance :bow:


On your ps2 games go into decryptor then mode/iso/read after go to mode/iso/write and on regular dvd’s if you pm me an email address i can mail you a simple guide on using shrink and decryptor

hope this helps

RFJR23 you can send me that info as well, I would really appreciate it. my email addy is


sent if you dont get it let me know.

Do you think you can send it again? I think I deleted the email on accident.

Can you use the DVD shrink or Decryptor to burn straight ot a DVD disk that will be able to play on most home DVD players?

thanks again

Sorry guys, hav been bit busy past few days. Thanks alot for the replies!!! Very helpful. My e-mail is [edited out] (it shud already be on here). :bigsmile: :bow:

ccubsnumberone and fubofo

sent guide with my cd freaks name in subject line

can you post the NewEgg link on the DVD disks which you use?


Can you send me the guide again please?

my email addy is