Complete production assistance - Any thoughts appreciated!



Greetings to everyone out there in net land, have just come across this board and wanted to say first off - huge thanks to the mod’s and users for the ridiculous amount of good information here!

I’m posting this up as ive got a short time-frame, access to decentish equipment and really want to do a good job - im just looking at an absolute mountain of production questions and would really appreciate anyones assistance :slight_smile:

Mod Note: if this belongs anywhere else you can think off, please done hesitate to shift to the relevant forum…

(This’ll be a long one, so thanks in advance for anyone reading / offering assistance).



Current system is a p4 3 gig, 1,024 DDR, Audigy 2, GF4 Ti 4200 128 meg, 16x DVD and 52x24x52x Lite-on.

Recording equipment is a standard Sony analog portable video camera, with access to two vcr’s, cd deck and a video editing console capable of black/white fades/wipes between 2 video-in circuits, then 3 stereo audio inputs with independant volume controls for each set of channels being played out of a single video line-out, and a set of audio rca-line outs.

Currently I’ve got 2 hours of footage taken from a rave on the weekend and im looking to join the entire thing up into something a bit nice.


Question 1 : Process and subtitles

Was planning to clean up the footage using the editing console, adding soft black fades on the end of the scene transitions but this would have to be done ‘live’ per say, as the recording device will need to pick it up as its coming via the console output.

I wanted to put subtitles over this, as well as two introduction slides - was thinking about maybe doing the slides in power-point and then using the pc tv-out rca to feed into the mixing deck…

Alternatively I could use the pc-out to record the powerpoint slides to vhs on one vcr, and then playback both the camera and vcr into the mixing deck and amalgamate the two…

For live subtitles over the production, I’ve seen mention that you can add subtitles to Divx ? if so could i record all of my footage with the sound, wipes etc to a final vhs set, and then convert this input to divx and add subtitles ??


Question 2 : Media States

In regards to all of the media changes, is anyone able to tell me the best process to minimise signal degredation across the board, and the best way to get from my original raw footage to the most practical / usefull final state?

For an even better leap of faith, is it possible to just record straight into the computer and then use software at this end to join everything and produce it, thus getting any vcr action out of the way??

As an end product I was aiming for a VHS copy, and then a vcd copy (or alternatively is there a higher grade i can fit onto a CD-R and still be playable in any DVD player [svcd??])


Question 3 : Sound

Due to the nature of the personal camcorder, the mic pickup is brilliant for anything without a bass frequency, but unfortunately all of the bass notes are distorted when they are present. The mid / high is still quite clear, and anytime a build is happening the music is quite clear so thats not a problem…

Any thoughts for sound editing software to maybe dull down or possibly reduce the distortion level of the bass? Is this a massive process or with quality software is it quite an easy task? I’ve seen brief mention of SoundForge or the like?


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond to this (and also to those that just made it to the bottom of the bloody thing :slight_smile: