Complete Novice Needs Idiots Guide to Flashing Firmware for AD-7200a-OB

ok, so i need to firstly obtain some firmware that opens the tray a little bit further so make it work better with my automated duplicator, any ideas where i can obtain this?

Secondly, in idiot proof languge, what do i need to flash firmware and how do i go about it?

Thanks in advance. :bow:

For what I know there is no firmware that can open the tray more than the usual. It is not a firmware-regulated process, but it is related to the drive mechanics.

The only way to solve this issue is to get a different drive. I have no idea, however, which model can be good for you :frowning:

I have firmwares for the AD-5200A that are supposed to open the tray a little more. But I have not been able to find the code that is responsible for opening the tray. General instructions on how to flash NEC/Optiarc firmwares can be found here.