Complete noob question

I don’t even know where to start since I’m your basic noob/idiot.

But I just did my first burn after capturing DV from my Dig8 camcorder. I have a few questions. But first, I am using an NEC 3500 driver, memorex DVD-R (8x speed) discs, and Roxio Creator 7 (basic edition).

  1. The capture process kept being interrupted when using Roxio. Anyone else experience this? I captured the video in uncompressed .AVI format (as an aside, if I capture in MPEG-2, will quality be compromised?).
  2. After taking 1 hour to capture an entire Dig8 tape (which makes sense to me since the tape is 1 hour of video), burning the DVD took me well over 1 hour. I am not sure if this is normal, but from reading the forums, I am thinking it’s not.
  3. I bought DVD-R media b/c I have an old DVD player. But while the burned disc played on my computer’s DVD player, it did not play on my DVD player hooked up to my TV.
  4. I also have ULEAD VideoStudio v5.0. Is this better than Roxio? Or should I just buy Nero since everyone here seems to really like it.

Thanks for your help.

I captured the video in uncompressed .AVI format (as an aside, if I capture in MPEG-2, will quality be compromised?).
MPEG 2 is a DVD quality stream, and a widely recognised format, you should be capturing in MPEG 2 format, for burns to DVD. MPEG 2 will work fine on your standalone DVD player. AVI (Audio/Video Interleave) is defined by windows. So it is designed for use on PC platforms, not standalone DVD players.

burning the DVD took me well over 1 hour
This can be for many reasons, if it burnt fine I wouldnt worry about it.

I doubt your actual burn was 1 hour. I’m betting most of that time was Roxio rendering your AVI to to the DVD compatible MPG2 format. That could easily take 40 minutes for 60 minutes of video. If your chose “Video DVD” it must be rendered to the format that a stand alone player can read, which is not an AVI. It’s like when you choose to burn an “Audio CD” and have chosen a list of MP3 files. They are first converted, it’s just much faster with audio than video.

Try capturing in the same format that you’ll be outputting to and that will save you a ton of rendering time, although you might sacrifice a bit of quality/ You won’t notice it too much. Even writing at 4X would only be a 16 minute burn time.

As for your DVD player not playing your burnt DVD, “Bitsetting” to DVD-ROM might make it work there, but the stock firmware (2.16) for the NEC 3500 does not support it for single layer discs. You’d need to try one of the hacked versions, which are probably better anyway. I’m in the same boat with my DVD player. I think its better to just get a new player in the long run.

I haven’t used ULead but I’ve heard it’s better. I use Pinnacle 9 and Nero.

I did the same thing just recently. I used Adobe premiere pro 1.5 to capture in raw avi format, then used tmpgenc plus to convert to mpeg2 because i was able to make a few conversions upping the quality each time till i got closes to 4.7gigs with highest quality possible.

You should capture in raw avi, not mpeg2, otherwise it encodes on the fly and that can possible cause what happened to you.


While this is true too, you’ll probably have better luck capturing in a compressed format with a different capture program. I upgraded from Pinnacle 8 to 9 and the encoding improved a great deal. I don’t have any more problems dropping frames, and rendering time dropped by at least 20 - 30% using teh same hardware.